The rent-a- car industry competition does not make us weak but rather better! This is the motto of our team, the staff of the car rental company, ATDRent. The qualities and advantages of the services of the company can be easily considered – we offer extremely fast and convenient way to select vehicles from our rich and broad fleet, detailed information of their technical parameters, specific, demonstrably lease terms satisfying the requirements of our customers, lucrative deals and prices to suit all tastes and financial needs, special general and individual offers, seasonal discounts and discounts for our loyal customer, etc.

   The fact our cars have full compulsory insurance and all the necessary taxes are pre-paid, make them preferred because you are guaranteed peace and security behind the wheel on the entire road network of Bulgaria.

  Comfort, amenities, safety – are very valuable advantages that ATDRent offers to its customers. In addition, it offers different ways of payment, easy access to the official website, many and different opportunities for perfect customer service.

  You can book your preferred car online or by phone, where you will receive a professional and competent service, complete information on all your questions, immediate roadside assistant, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

     You will make sure that ATDRent is our respected customers’ best friend on the road!


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You can be charged an additional fee in the office as a "Pickup location" and "Return location" have chosen different destinations! Fees are based on distance: up to 50 km; from 50 to 100 km; over 100km.