In the sea resort Albena, unlike the other Bulgarian seaside resorts, reigns relaxed atmosphere conducive to family idyll and recreation away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and resorts. Albena is located in an ecologically clean area, which guarantees an excellent physical tone and mental comfort. One of the attractive sites in Albena is the SPA center that is open year round, giving the customers various health and wellness programs.

The resort is located near the city of Varna, which is an advantage for the regular communications with the international airport. It is also located on a short distance of the town of Balchik, which is famous with its Botanical garden, nearby are located also the resorts of Golden Sands and Kranevo. Albena attracts investment projects, and many foreigners, including Russian citizens who prefer to become owners of elite real estate in the resort. It is a beautiful and peaceful place with wonderful sea view, the neighboring hills, immersed in lush vegetation and fresh sea breeze. The extraordinary beauty of the nature surrounding the resort provides a great opportunity for tourists and guests of Albena to enjoy recreation and unforgettable holiday experience.

All this leads to the possibility to develop successfully the contemporary service – car rental in the seaside resort. Among the national companies a great authority enjoys the rent-a-car company ATD Car Rental. Pros of rent-a-car are obvious and cannot be questioned. This is explained by the popularity of this service in the tourism world today. Albena is no exception as any other place evolving in line with the current requirements of the modern society, offering its guests and visitors car park with numerous and varied classes and car models. ATD Car Rental offers cars with very good design and excellent technical parameters to ensure a pleasant and safe journey on the roads of Bulgaria. The associates and of the ATD Car Rental company in Albena have a very good professional training and customer service experience and are always available to resolve any problem or situation on the road. There are many advantages offered by ATD Car Rental Company as unlimited mileage, 24/7 vehicle road maintenance, multilingual customer service, all the necessary insurance is pre-paid, security guard and CCTV at the company parking lots. As the team of the company keeps a permanent online connection with their customers, you can get competent and detailed information needed at any time.

Have a nice trip with the rent-a-car of ATD Car Rental, Albena!


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