Ski resort Borovets has been attained an international fame and popularity long ago. Many tourists from Western Europe, Russia, the United States spend their winter holiday here. Borovets is located in the highest Bulgarian mountain – Rila. It holds special charm and unique beauty, fresh mountain air and untouched dense forests. Near Borovets are situated the crystal clear water of the Seven Rila Lakes. Borovets is one of the oldest and most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. Here you can spend а perfect summer and winter sports mountain recreation. Besides its beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air, Borovets offers excellent opportunities for skiers. The resort has ski tracks of varying degrees of complexity – it has been thought of the beginners and skiers with middle and professional knowledge of skiing.
The climate in the resort is moderate. The winters are mild with heavy snow. The ski season usually runs from mid-December to April. There are also conditions for development of extreme skiing – ski stiff, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and other free raid sports. Borovets is known in the ski community that its territory hosted twice competitions for the Ski World Cup. The resort has upgraded infrastructure, rich hotel base, villas for rent, private homes, children’s snow park, restaurants, day and night bars, ski clubs – a full range of facilities and entertainment for tourists.
The rent-a-car agency ATD Car Rental offers its services in the resort as one of the best conditions for a comfortable and pleasant holiday in winter terms. The members of the company will provide you with the latest information on the car rental booking conditions, the price reductions and the campaigns offered by ATD Car Rental. Easy and smooth, all of our customers can see on our website the models and classes of cars and are able to choose the car they like the most and meets their requirements and needs. If you pre-plan your holiday in Borovets, you can specify the exact time, date and month when ordering the car rental and it will be available to you at the specified time. The insurances – Civil Liability and KASKO, the travel and local taxes are previously paid by ATD Car Rental and are included in the price of the car. Our agency in Borovets provides its customers 24 hour road help in Bulgaria, unlimited mileage, provided parking spaces in our parking, security guarded and video surveillanced, additional services and car accessories at the prices listed, with no unpleasant “financial” surprises.
ATD Car Rental, Borovets guarantees its clients a comfortable, safe and carefree journey by the cars of the rental company.


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