Golden sands

Our country is famous for its beautiful beach resorts, and one of the most famous, attracting huge number of tourists is Golden Sands. It is situated in the eponymous national park, 18 km away from Varna. The resort has natural factors: mild winters and warm, but not hot summers, temperate maritime climate, clear water and real “golden” sand beaches, mud and various herbs growing around the resort. Golden Sands is very famous Bulgarian resort, a favorite spot of many Russian citizens. You often hear Russian speech. Tourists are attracted by the modernly built hotels with excellent exterior and interior design, holiday homes, SPA sanatoriums, fitness halls, sports facilities developed, sea attractions and modern animation for adults and children. You may find here many beauty salons, indoor and outdoor pools, shopping malls and boutiques to ensure а unique experience. Numerous restaurants, cozy pubs, preserved the traditional Bulgarian spirit, discos, nightclubs and many attractive places for entertainment are а reason good enough to call Golden Sands one of the most popular resorts. It is not so noisy and crowded and your complete quiet relaxation is also guaranteed.

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