Nessebar is one of the most famous and popular town resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located 30 km north of Bourgas and close to the resort of Sunny Beach. The city is conventionally divided into two parts: The New Town and The Old Town, which is connected to the mainland by bridge. In New Nessebar in the recent years were built many modern private homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes. The old town is famous among tourists for its historical landmarks – true masterpieces of Bulgarian and medieval architecture and culture. In the last century Nessebar has been included in the composition of world heritage by UNESCO. Nessebar itself remains great impression in the tourists and the visitors with its wonderful sea views surrounding its cliffs and sandy beaches. The modern comfort and historical romance of the city attracts many Russian and Western tourists. Quite popular among them are the traditional Bulgarian restaurants serving unique dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine. The hotels in Nessebar have very trendy modern design, comfortable and good location near the city’s beaches or even on the beach. They are surrounded by large areas with lush vegetation, conducive to a cozy family atmosphere and recreation.
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