Pamporovo is a mountain ski resort located in southern Bulgaria. It is situated in the Rhodope Mountains at an altitude of 1650 m. Pamporovo is most suitable for winter recreation and skiing. There are excellent conditions for skiing and ski equipment – ski and snowboard tracks which bring great pleasure. The mountain ski base is very well maintained and up-to-date, the first-class hotels, restaurants, bars and discos offer lively nightlife and wonderful experience. You may also spend your summer holiday in the resort, hiking and tourist walking to mountain chalets located strategically around the resort. The nature of the resort is absolutely stunning – the magnificent views and unique sightseeing of the Rhodope dense forests. The weather here is often sunny and the climate – mild. The rating given by the visitors of the resort is almost always “excellent” or “very good.” Pamporovo has a variety of hotels – luxury hotels, chic style hotels, family ones and budget hotels – for all needs and tastes.
The service level in the resort is quite high. For the recreation of the tourists and the guests of the resort, major role plays the service offered, a relatively new option – rent a car. Gradually gaining popularity, the company ATD Car Rental, although relatively young and new on the car rental market, has taken a very strong position in this area. The agency ensures high quality of its service to its customers – they can receive the latest information related to the matters they are interested in at any time on the 24 hours office phone lines of ATD Car Rental, Pamporovo or on the company website, while sitting comfortably in front of their computer at home .
Each client may consider the offered classes and models of the cars from the car park that may be found in the company’s website catalog, and they are indeed many and various – economical, compact, standard, sport, family minivan, luxury and more. We also offer free car equipment: traditional and specific – in winter conditions. Once you complete your car rental order form easy and conveniently, as your personal data is included, for which confidentiality we guarantee, you’ll get your car in the respective time and place mentioned. ATD Car Rental offers delivery of rent-a-car in all international airports of Bulgaria, servicing all the sea and mountain resorts hotels. Our associates will meet and greet you on your own language, so you will not feel uncomfortable in a foreign language environment.
ATD Car Rental offers rent-a-car at reasonable prices and wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.


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