One of the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria but in Europe, loved and preferred by many people is Plovdiv. It is situated on six hills called “tepeta” on both banks of the Maritsa River. Plovdiv has an intriguing historical past – on the territory of the present town has been found Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cultural and architectural treasures and the monuments of the Bulgarian Revival attract many Bulgarian and foreign tourists and leave them all with an unforgettable impression.

The Old Town of Plovdiv is a very popular city spot. There reigns a unique romantic atmosphere that captivates with its peace and quiet and carries you to times long gone. While walking along the narrow cobbled streets, you become part of the past of the Old Town, where historical epochs left their indelible mark on generations who consistently fall below their charisma and charm.

Many famous Bulgarian poets, writers, artists, painters, musicians lived and created in Plovdiv in different historical times and those artists have built today’s image of the city as a cultural and educational center of Bulgaria. Even nowadays the vibrant cultural life is striving in Plovdiv – the city is a regular gracious host of theater, puppetry, opera and ballet performances, readings, national and international exhibitions, concerts, festivals and many other cultural events.

Plovdiv is experiencing strong economic revival. In this contemporary modern thriving city there are many administrative buildings, business and commercial edifice, the offices of many companies and manufacturers are also based there. The business climate in the city attracts many Bulgarian and foreign investors who create new jobs for the population of the second largest city in Bulgaria and plays a main role in increasing the standard of living of its residents.

Plovdiv welcomes a large number of guests during the conduct of the Plovdiv International Fair for commodities and industrial goods.

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