The picturesque Sea resort town of Sozopol lies on a scenic peninsula in the southern part of the Bourgas Bay, 35 km away from Bourgas. Its population is about 5000 residents. The unique intimate atmosphere of this popular Bulgarian resort makes it much visited and preferred destination. It lacks the hustle and bustle of the big Bulgarian resorts, but it does introduces the tourists and the visitors to the authentic Bulgarian spirit, hospitality and folklore traditions. Sozopol is known for its archeological reserve located in the old part of town. The glorious ancient history of the town tells the Archaeological Museum, located near the town. Sozopol is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns. Its oldest name is Apolonia in honor of the Greek god Apollo. Now this name is carried by the Apollonia Arts Festival, which is held annually in early September in Sozopol, where the creative and intellectual elite of Bulgaria is brought together.
Sozopol attracts many tourists with its golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water, fresh sea air and temperate climate. There are a variety of beach entertainments – water skiing, diving, surfing, “banana”, jets, many competitions are conducted on the beach, etc. For the children there is an outdoor water park with various water attractions and a large water slide.
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