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Varna is one of the largest and most beautiful Bulgarian cities. It is located in northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and is recognized as the largest marine tourism center in the country. It is called “The sea capital of Bulgaria” for a reason! Varna is an ancient city with a large and interesting historical and cultural heritage, which speaks of the glory days of its existence. Its sights are one of the reasons this city is visited and so represents such a huge interest in its guests and tourists coming from all over the world.

Through the whole year Varna runs a dynamic cultural life-there are a lot of festivals, concerts, plays and other cultural events that add color and prominence to the city ambience.

Economically, Varna is developing very quickly, especially in the recent years. The city has good infrastructure as many large manufacturing plants are operating here. Varna offers excellent business conditions that are justified by the fact that it has a large international airport and port with a large capacity. Here, many Bulgarian and foreign investors meet their business interests, which plays a huge role in improving the business climate of the city.

In Varna many foreigners among them large numbers of Russian citizens acquire their real estate. The beautiful scenery of the city and its surroundings, popular beaches and the sea, the spectacular sea garden, proximity to the famous seaside resorts Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Elena, Kranevo, Albena is why they prefer to find a second home here.

Thousands of tourists and guests of the city are attracted by the combination of fresh mountain air and the sea breeze, warm sun and seawater, modern lifestyle, the interesting tourist sites and modern attractions for children and adults, trendy shopping centers and many other advantages of our marine capital.

All this explains the emergence and growing demand for car rentals. Among the fans of the rent-a-car services the company ATD Car Rental is gaining popularity, which for the relatively short time on the Bulgarian market has gained loyal name and honest business representatives.

ATD Car Rental company offers its customers a wide variety of cars that can satisfy even the most demanding ones.

The company has a high potential of high-quality automobile brands that are available for all tastes and needs. Its catalog is available to the current and potential customers on the ATD Car Rental website, where they can read more about the service conditions and order the chosen vehicle by face-to-face agreement or via Internet. The car will be delivered at the respective place and time at no additional charge and unpleasant “surprises.”

The required insurances are pre-negotiated, secured additional seats for children, GPS system, luggage and other extras that the customer wants are also at disposal.

The company offers a parking lot near the offices that have video surveillance and comfortable location. You can leave your car safe here at your convenience.

All the cars of ATD Car Rental are in excellent technical condition while the personnel ensures the safety and the comfort of your journey.


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