Car rental advices

ATD Car Rental company has a good reputation in the car rental market and excellent recommendations by its grateful customers. The company has built a well-organized network of offices throughout the country in the major Bulgarian cities, the best sea and mountain resorts, as the new rent a car service is also offered at the golf resorts in Bulgaria.
The company serves all Bulgarian airports and offer transfers to the major airports in the neighboring Balkan countries.
ATD Car Rental has a team of very well trained employees and associates with professional experience, drivers and technical staff maintaining in excellent technical condition the existing car park. The rent-a-car consultants are always ready to listen carefully and politely respond to your queries over the phone or online and give you useful professional advice on how to rent a car, its operation, as well as on the contract signing terms.
These competent advice concern all aspect of the usage of the rented cars and the company offers its customers tips on how to deal with any issues.
On the web page of ATD Car Rental, once the time, date and place of delivery of the vehicle is specified, the customers have the opportunity to consider all proposals for available cars in the car park and to get acquainted with their technical characteristics. Our team encourages you to carefully pick the reserved car. You should comply with the purpose of the journey, your needs and your budget.
If you travel with your whole family, including children, therefore you will have more luggage so you would probably use a large sedan, minivan or SUV.
Of course, the factor finances is very important one so if you are looking for more economical offer, you’ll need to target the lower class cars.
Once you have decided what car to book, carefully examine all the terms in the rent-a-car contract. If you are not fully aware of them or are experiencing fluctuations, hurry up and contact the service team of ATD Car Rental. Carefully calculate the final price of the agreed car rental and follow what is included in it. One of the important conditions is the included insurance and tolls, which will greatly favor your journey. Check the CDW status – a limitation of the liability for damage to the amount of the deposit TP – a limitation of the liability for theft to the amount of the deposit, as explicitly get acquainted with the conditions under which they apply.
If traveling by plane, inquire on what is the amount the of the Airport surcharge.
Upon receiving the car from associate of the company, carefully take a look at what condition you receive it and whether it has a scratch or possible damage. All that is seen in the joint order must be noted in the acceptance of the car. Check the mileage indications, do check whether and how all lights and signals work; how to operate with the windows and windshield wipers, how to switch on the parking brake. Ask information about all the technical parameters of the car.
Be sure to check whether the tank is filled with fuel under the terms of the contract and make sure you fill it on its return.
Pay special attention to seemingly small details- model, color, registration number of the car to get a visual idea of it so you can easily find it in large parking lots and busy streets.
Observe the speed limits and keep the lights on when driving on the roads.
Avoid talking on your cell phone and driving at the same time! The advice of our team is to follow strictly the Traffic rules and avoid triggering emergency unpleasant situations on the road.
Check the availability and the validity of your ID card, driver’s license and credit card. And once again, carefully read the terms of the contract before signing, so that you can truly enjoy the journey with the car of ATD Car Rental!


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You can be charged an additional fee in the office as a "Pickup location" and "Return location" have chosen different destinations! Fees are based on distance: up to 50 km; from 50 to 100 km; over 100km.