How do I contact ATD Car rental?
What’s included in my ATD Car rental quote?
How old must each driver be to drive?
What must I bring with me when I collect my vehicle?
Can I pick up at one location and return to another?
Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Can I cancel my booking?
What Insurance cover is supplied with my rental?
Can I travel outside the country in which I rented?
Can I change my booking?
Why is a flight number mandatory for airport location?
When will I get my deposit back?
How many people may drive?
Can I collect my vehicle early?
Can I return my vehicle early?
How can I check if a Booking has been made?
When will the payment be taken from my card?
Can I pay in cash?
Can I pay by debit card?
Can I pay with my credit card if I am not the person who picks up the car?
What is the petrol policy? Can I return the vehicle with a full tank?
How much does a tank of petrol cost?


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