Get a rental car quickly and easily

     The best prices and service quality proposals, with no unpleasant surprises and complex procedures for booking are offered by the car rental company – ATDRent. The choice of a head office in the city of Varna gives you the guarantee of best prices that are final, with no hidden payments after signing the agreement of your chosen car. This is a way to save time and money, to enjoy the comfort and amenities, to be mobile and independent of any circumstances!

   From our modern and contemporary car fleet you have the opportunity to select the most appropriate vehicle for your needs and opportunities. ATDRent Company guarantees that it can satisfy the highest standards and requirements of its customers, who can give their feedback on the level of satisfaction with the services of the company on its website. There you can easily and quickly book the selected car and get acquainted with its technical parameters.

   When planning your trip you do not need to worry about mileage restrictions – it is unlimited!

   Privacy policy of personal data of customers is leading policy for our company!

The perfect technical condition of the vehicles and its constant maintenance throughout the rental period is the mission of ATDRent as well: keep it always in mind when choosing a reliable rent-a-car company!


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You can be charged an additional fee in the office as a "Pickup location" and "Return location" have chosen different destinations! Fees are based on distance: up to 50 km; from 50 to 100 km; over 100km.