Rent-a-car from ATDRENT

     Use of the car rental service that is modern, rational and quite practical, enables you to fully enjoy your relaxation- entertainment, hot excursion tours, private tours by car or to perform smoothly your  business goals and engagements.

    With its good reputation of an established and preferred agency for renting cars, ATD Rent offers its rent-a -car services guaranteeing a high quality level of activity. Customers who prefer to use car rental of our company can be confident that they are provided with 24-hour support during their journey via telephone and Internet connection.

    It is important to feel supported on the road by our professional consultants and know that you can count on timely professional help if needed.

    Choosing the right car can be made through a quick online search on the website of the ATD Rent Company. We offer a wide selection of cars in our renovated and technically very well maintained fleet. We have cars of all currently popular brands and classes. Prices of rent-a-car services are fully accessible and acceptable of the customers, in line with the market reality. All necessary insurances and tolls are included in the costs.

ATD Rent services are a very effective choice for each of you!


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You can be charged an additional fee in the office as a "Pickup location" and "Return location" have chosen different destinations! Fees are based on distance: up to 50 km; from 50 to 100 km; over 100km.