Safe on the road with our car rental.

      Winter season is approaching, cold days are increasingly becoming the reason for our reluctance to go out and make it difficult to perform our daily tasks, though autumn is very suitable for walks in the nature. However this can be changed with the use of rental cars by ATDRent Company, Varna.

   Driving in an urban environment, traffic jams at the rush hours, deteriorating conditions in the winter such as poor visibility, slick roads, large number pedestrians  crossing – all this is a driving skills test, eased by the well prepared for traveling in winter conditions cars of the company. They are 100% equipped with winter tires, well-functioning air conditioning, adequate JPS maps, tire chains for severe weather conditions – rain, ice, snow. For the children are provided sustainable child seats to protect them in road accidents. ATDRent cars are insured with all the necessary car insurance, all mandatory taxes and fees are paid and these amounts are included in the price of the rent.

The continuous upgrading of our car fleet, its maintenance in very good condition, excellent quality of service by well-trained competent team, clear, transparent rental  terms, you will find on our site, make ATDRent a preferred partner on the rent- a-car market for private and corporate clients.

Give yourself an unforgettable experience with the cars of our company for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays!


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You can be charged an additional fee in the office as a "Pickup location" and "Return location" have chosen different destinations! Fees are based on distance: up to 50 km; from 50 to 100 km; over 100km.