Sofia airport

Sofia is the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria and the largest city in the country. Although it is one of the young Capitals of Europe – of no more than 100 years ago, Sofia is developing at a rapid pace, life in the city is complete and dotted with events, modern ideas and innovations against the historical and architectural heritage of the city turned Sofia to attractive cultural and historical center of Bulgaria. Guests from all over the world are visiting with pleasure our city, admiring the fascinating beautiful scenery, among which it is located. Not far from Sofia are located our mountain resorts whose fame goes beyond the borders of the country, increasing the passenger flow arriving in our country. Also, in the recent years the development of rural tourism in small towns of our beautiful mountains has increased, making Bulgaria an attractive tourist destination.
Besides the tourists and the guests of Sofia, who come to enjoy its beautiful sights, Bulgarian and foreign businessmen and business partners arrive in the capital, as it is the administrative, industrial and business center of the country.
Sofia Airport has a major role for the excellent impressions of the tourists and the guests visiting Bulgaria. On the territory of Sofia Airport there are offices of many companies offering various services – organizing recreation and excursions, hotel reservations, organizing a vacation for healing purposes, etc. Among them a popular service that meets all the requirements of modern life stands out – car rental. The ATD Car Rental Company rent-a-car office operates at the airport distinguishes among its competitors with high quality of the service provided to its customers. The team members of the company often surprise their loyal customers with special discounts and early booking offers, through which they can benefit from the bonus program for regular customers of the company. ATD Car Rental Company provides non-stop service on the territory of Sofia airport, taking into consideration the continuous flow of arriving passengers. In addition, on the company website, the customers can choose the most appropriate car for their taste and need. The car park of ATD Car Rental consists mainly of new cars, which are always in very good condition, ensuring safety while traveling in Bulgaria. Customers have the option to book online or on-duty phone company, their chosen car and get competent information about its technical parameters and facilities. According to the customers needs, our staff could meet you at the Arrivals hall and will make sure that you will have a pleasant and careless journey on the roads of Bulgaria.


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